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Waiting List Application

To Apply for Section 8 Rental Assistance

To participate in the Section 8 program for rental assistance you must be income eligible (see income limits for family size). If you are income eligible, you can apply online, which will place your name on the appropriate waiting list. To fill out the online application you will need to have names, address, birth dates, social security numbers, income, contact person, and amount of rent you are currently paying. It is important that you keep the Housing Authority updated on your address, family size, and income once you have filled out the online application. You must contact us to update your information. When your name comes up on the waiting list the Housing Authority will mail you an eligibility packet, with a designated return date. If the packet is not returned by the deadline you will be removed from the waiting list. If you are unable to return the packet with all supporting documentation by the deadline, you can contact the Housing Authority to ask for an extension.

Applicant Portal & Waiting List Status

If you are a new applicant, you can register for, and access, the Applicant Portal after you have submitted your application online. If you are an existing waiting list applicant, you will receive an email from us with your code and instructions for logging into the Applicant Portal. To request your code, please contact our office.

Interview Process

Once the eligibility packet is returned with all required supporting documentation such as: Social Security Cards, birth certificates for everyone that will be living in the household, income verification for anyone in the household that is working, rent receipts or statement of address, tax papers, medical expenses, divorce papers, asset verification, and if applicable Veterans verification (DD214). The Housing Authority will review the information provided, if the applicant qualifies, the Housing Authority will send a briefing letter.

Briefing Process

All eligible clients will be sent a letter of the date and time that we will hold a briefing. The Housing Authority personnel will go over the rules and regulations for clients to participate in the Section 8 rental assistance program. The briefing will last at least 45 minutes. All adults that will be living in the household must attend the briefing to sign all required documents.

The Section 8 Certification

Clients will be given instructions on how to become leased with the Housing Authority. Once the client finds a suitable unit the landlord must fill out the Request for Tenancy Approval (HUD form). When this form is given to the Housing Authority, a housing inspection will be scheduled. If the inspection passes, the Housing Authority will prepare a contract to be signed by the landlord. If the inspection does not pass, a copy of the inspection report will be sent to the owner and the tenant. The report states the discrepancies that must be repaired. Repairs must be completed within 30 days or by the expiration date on the voucher before a contract for rental assistance can be signed.

Leasing Process

No payments will be made for a unit until the contract has been signed. The Housing Authority will not be responsible for any portion of the rent until a contract has been signed. The owner (especially if new) will need to come in to the Housing Authority office to sign the contract. The term of the contract is usually for a one-year period. After the first year, the rental assistance is based on a month-to-month term. The Housing Authorities portion of the rental assistance payments will be mailed directly to the landlord or owner. If the contract is dated for a date past the first day of the month, the rent will be pro-rated for a check to be sent out on the first part of the following month. After the initial signing of the contract, unless information changes, the Housing Authority will continue to mail the owner the check for that amount on or about the first day of every month. If the tenant’s information changes they must report the change within ten days of the change. The change must be made in writing by filling out the Reporting Changes Form provided from the Housing Authority. After review of the change, the Housing Authority will send a letter to the owner and to the tenant regarding information about the change. Once a client has a signed contract the tenant may be eligible as a participant in the Family Self Sufficiency program.